Copywriting: The Good & the Bad.

Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS
4 min readFeb 21, 2022

What is Copywriting?

And no we are not talking about the legal one we are talking about the one in marketing. Copywriting is important because it impacts every aspect of marketing. It is the art of writing copy to inspire action or illicit a response. Copywriting uses words, either written or spoken, to try to get people to take an action after reading or hearing them. The following example, from Nike, shows their use of words for their copy in this ad. Its purpose is to inspire you to run, with their products, but they also make it relatable by showing a lot of other reasons why people may run.

Source: Copywriting 101: 6 Traits of Excellent Copy Readers Will Remember

Two things are happening in this ad. First, the copy recognizes that for many, running isn’t about running at all — it’s about solitude, peace, and restoring sanity to an otherwise hectic life. Second, not only does Nike connect the ad to the experience of running, it actually connects to the sound that those shoes make as they hit the pavement.

This ad is about the complexity of one’s life fading away and being replaced by simplicity and clarity. As the copy progresses, the sentences simplify and the copy’s complexity is slowly replaced by the simple and rhythmic pounding of words: run, run, run, run. The same rhythm one hears when all but their footsteps have faded away. That’s connection.

Content vs Copywriting

Content marketing can be defined as content that is created to help, entertain, educate, inform, and engage with an audience. It can be used to help spread brands’ content through all marketing channels and some examples include blogs posts, social media posts, long-form content, infographics, videos, and podcasts. It is a great way to build an audience because it builds trust, helps a brand become an authority on a topic, it also helps with SEO to increase website traffic, increases high-quality traffic to marketing channels organically, and can help you affect your prospect’s behavior to influence them along the buyer’s journey to eventually purchase your product or service. Copy, however, has to have a GOAL. Copy is used to get attention from the audience in order to persuade them to take an action.



Jason Matt Lukis, MBA, MS

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